What is your name? The concept of name and naming – Part 2

Today, we shall be looking at the second and concluding part of our topic “What is your name? The concept of name and naming.” For those who have not read the part one of this subject, simply click on this link: What is your name? The concept of name and naming – Part 1.

Sources of Names
As believers, the three major sources where we can derive names from are:
1. Prophesy: as spoken through a man of God or His prophet. Isaiah 9:6
2. Revelation: as received through dreams, revelation of His Word or His holy angels.
3. Inspiration: as inspired by the Holy Spirit. 1 Samuel 1:20

We should always look up to God, His Word and trust the Holy Spirit to minister the divine and purpose fulfilling names into our hearts for our children, businesses and ministries.

Tricks of the enemy
The devil is always looking for means to tamper and alter divine purposes and destinies. One of his weapon is to sow seeds of wrong names in the heart of men. The moment he succeeds in giving that wrong name, he goes ahead to manipulate that destiny.

Most of the time, the devil accomplish his purpose through craftiness and tricks. We should never be ignorant of his tricks.

Read Luke 1:57-63
It is a common practice and custom for people to name their children “junior” i.e. Michelle junior, David junior etc. The implication is that we are saying that such a child will not excel beyond her father or mother and this sets a limit into such a life. As a matter of fact, this is one of the tricks of the enemy infiltrated into our customs.

We could see this same trick about to be played out in our Scripture (Luke 1:57-63). The enemy wanted to engage the mouths of the family members to name the child Zachariah junior but the mother followed the instructions and revelation of the most High God. Even when the baby was named John, the family members protested; saying that the name is strange to their family.

One significant lesson from this Scripture is that the moment the divine name “John” for the child was pronounced and sanctioned by the father, miracle happened by regaining his sight.

The plan of God is for you to have a divine name to break new grounds, accomplish greater things for God and fulfill divine purpose.

Another trick of the enemy is the deceit of naming your child according to your unpleasant circumstance. This was played out in the life of Jabez. His name represents sorrow and this impacted his destiny negatively but thank God he received wisdom and revelation to cry to God for a change of name and his request was granted.

I do not know the negative name that has impacted your destiny thus far but I know that God can give you a new name and reorder the cause of your life. Cry to Him today.

Finally, the other trick of the enemy prominent among our youths is the use of nicknames. Some are given destiny fulfilling names but allowed the trick of the devil to be played on them. They took up some strange and demonic nicknames that destroyed their destinies.

There are several of such demonic nicknames which I may not be able to list here but all parents are admonished to get the details of their children nicknames and stop them from bearing such names. This should be done physically but most importantly; spiritually in the place of prayers.

Please note that wrong name can also be given to business, association and ministry that will hinder the progress of such. Whatever is the case, approach the LORD for a solution and as you walk in the revelation of this article and make necessary amendments, the almighty God shall give you a new name and reorder the cause of your life, business and ministry. Amen

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