What is your name? The concept of name and naming – Part 1

Scripture: Luke 1:5-20, 57-63
The concept of name and naming is a very powerful and spiritual one. The world understands same concept though might not place so much importance. As believers, it is imperative that we continue to pay close attention because the Almighty God is much concern about it.
We see from our scripture above that Zachariah and his wife were believing God for the fruit of the womb and at the appointed time, God intervened and visited them. The angel of the LORD appeared unto them and proclaimed that they shall bear a child. Coupled with this were two other main declarations upon which our subject is anchored.
1. Name: The angel gave the specific name that the child shall be named.
2. Purpose & Destiny: The purpose and destiny of the child were clearly defined.

What do we see from these declarations? It means God determines the right name that someone will bear to fulfill purpose and destiny. Also from same scripture, we realized that the name of the child was confirmed before his purpose and destiny.

There are many examples in the holy bible about the power of name to fulfilling purpose and destiny but we shall quickly examine two examples.
Jesus Christ: Matt. 1:18-25, Isa. 9:6. Our LORD Jesus has great names linked to the fulfillment of His purpose and ministry.
Abraham: Gen. 12:1-7, Gen. 15:1-3 and Gen. 17:1-19. Abraham was destined to be the father of many nations but this prophecy could not come to fulfillment until God changed his name together with his wife (Sarah).
Today, many destinies are truncated, delayed or denied because of wrong names. I pray for anyone under the influence of negative name, that God shall give you a new name to begin to fulfill purpose and destiny. Amen. 
To be continued.