Tosyn’s Ten 10s: From the Headlines

tosyn bucknor
1. Policeman caught on tape negotiating a bribe!
Perhaps one of the biggest headlines was this: a videotape showing a police sergeant demanding a bribe from a Nigerian motorist who allegedly broke a traffic law.

The police officer has now been fired and some people think this may mean a change in the way things are done.
‘For where?’
I will advise us not to get our hopes up. Infact, I would advise that we be very afraid. This does not mean they will stop asking for bribes, it just means they will be more careful about how and where. They may even ask us to hand over all phones first! Yikes!
2. Tiwa Savage, Kachi and more for Shuga Season 3
I love the MTV series, ‘Shuga‘ and when I heard the next season would be shot in Nigeria, I thought, cool beans! And now, the cast list has been released! It includes first timers, Maria Okan, actors Kachi andChris Attoh, and girl of the year, Tiwa Savage.
Congrats to them and looking forward to it. I actually auditioned for it but *sob* *sob* didn’t get a role!
3. TK’s movie about a touching sickle cell story!
I DID get a role in ‘Dazzling Mirage‘ though, the movie Tunde Kelani is directing, based on the book by the same title. It goes into production next week and stars Lala Akindoju as the lead. I managed to get twelve lines in the movie but with the way I talk, best believe it may end up being fourty!
4. Chris Brown set to retire
There I was drinking my coffee when one of our interns at Top Radio came in looking devastated. Apparently, Chris Brown tweeted he would be ‘retiring from music’. Here is his tweet:
Don’t worry mainstream America. After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album. … Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when I was 18. I’m cool & over it!’
Of course, it spurred a million tweets with people wailing and talking about how Chris is so talented that it would be music’s loss if he retired. There were those who were just shocked or full of awe that a 25 year old could even retire….
And then the mean ones, with people saying he was seeking attention and they could not be bothered.
In related news, Johnny Depp has also hinted he may be retiring from movies
My take?
Celebs make grand declarations of ‘last albums’, ‘final movie’ and so on all the time… Truth is, actors and singers don’t retire. Those things are passions, not just jobs.
5. Beyonce chops off hair
Get ready for pixie cuts and more girls going under the hairdresser’s knife as Beyonce posted pictures of herself with her hair chopped off.
The picture on instagram got 15,000 likes within minutes (takes me two days to get to 100 likes), and you can already view ‘how to’ videos online based on the new look.
Look, not everyone can get away with a hair cut so before you do a Beyonce chop, think it through!
What I want to know is this- all girls love Beyonce, all girls admire Beyonce; whom does Beyonce admire?
6. Battle of the proposals
First it was Peter Okoye of P Square proposing to long time girlfriend, Lola with a Range Rover, and then it was Dr Sid flying with his girlfriend to Europe where he popped the question. Turns out in 2013, simply sending a DM with ‘how faryou go marry?’ will simply not fly.
While everyone debated the proposals, I felt sorry for the poor girl who has to wait for next year for her own proposal because her boyfriend quickly hid the ring and flowers he ordered after he saw the attention Peter and Sid’s proposals caused.
It is well!
7. Justin Bieber takes a rose to Selena’s party
This was not the biggest headline here in obodo Nigeria but it sure caught my attention! I am afterall, a Belieber.
So it was Selena’s birthday and Justin Bieber went a-visiting with a rose.
Which caused me to start thinking about how I would feel about an ex coming for my birthday party. Why don’t exes just stay exes? Why do they stay friends? I mean, don’t you have enough friends? Why would you want to be friends with your ex?
I don’t understand it.
 8. Kanu and Victor Ikpeba think a Nigerian will win the CAF African Footballer of the Year… and I made a little video
Past winners, Ikpeba (1997) and Kanu Nwankwo (1999) have tipped a Nigerian to win the African Footballer of the Year award.
Ikpeba thinks that based on their performance at the African Cup of Nations, Victor Moses, Mikel Obi, Sunday Mba and Emmanuel Emenike have a good chance of picking the honour up!
Kanu Nwankwo echoed those views when he said Mikel Obi in particular, as well as team-mate, Victor Moses, have a great chance of winning, especially as they also won the Europa cup with their club, Chelsea. And according to Kanu, Mikel’s performance at the confederations cup was ‘outstanding’.
So who takes over from Yaya Toure, the current African Footballer of the Year?
We will find out on January 9th, in Lagos, where the gala will hold!
p.s, #ShamelessPlug Check out my confusing…sorry, convincing attempt at explaining the offside rule, using lipsticks and shoes as an analogy…
9. Khona’ is actually an emotional song
I bet the second you saw ‘Khona’, the melody kicked off and you began humming and nodding your head. But do you know the song, ‘Khona’ is actually an emotional song? I stumbled upon a write up byAdewale Oreshade where he broke it down. From dealing with death and heartbreak, the song is about loss and things we’ve lost.
Check out a breakdown of the lyrics and more information on his blog-
10. Birthweek cometh
Now this is not a real headline, but it should be! Happy Birthday to me!