Photos: New York City in Perspective by Aerial Photographer, John Hawkes

Burning brightly: Aerial photographer Jason Hawkes has caught New York City in action many times of over the years. Here, Manhattan is seen at dusk from its southernmost tip
A photographer with a special knack for aerial shots has put New York City into perspective by only looking down on it from above.

Jason Hawkes boasts a portfolio of hundreds of thousandof aerial shots from all over the world and has produced 40 books of aerial photography.

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But there is something especially stunning about the City that Never Sleeps when seen from the top down and Hawkes’ method of getting his birds-eye-views are equally inspiring. 

The intrepid photographer takes most of his shots from the passenger seat of a helicopter. While tethered in for dear life, he leans out the window and…voila.

From his vantage, sunsets in the city are even more riveting, the nightlife looks all the more exciting, and a walk in the park becomes an adventure into urban wilds.

Splashing around: A pool in Central Park proves that New Yorkers may all be ants from above, but they're ants that can swim
Urban jungle: A tree-topped building in Manhattan's Upper East Side looks down on even more trees in Central Park
Cooling off: Lucky summer revelers swim atop a highrise in Manhattan's Kips Bay neighborhood
The new towers: One World Trade Center (center left) is topped by cranes set off by a Lower Manhattan sunset
Bustling hub: The piers along Manhattan's west side at dusk with One World Trade Center in the distance at far right
The Staten Island Ferry dutifully chugs along carrying commuters in waters below Manhattan
Standing tall: The curving lines of the art deco Chrysler building are a welcome change from rectangular boxes of most newer Manhattan construction
Urban reprieve: Stretching all along the middle of otherwise hectic Manhattan are the serene wilds of Central Park
Stunning: One World Trade Center catches the last hints of sunset on an evening in Lower Manhattan
Picnic time: Park goers lay out in the Chelsea sun on the west side of Manhattan
Technicolor: Hints of purples and reds offset the incandescent yellows as the lights of New York City switch on for the night
Anything but square: Times Square makes for an even brighter oasis of light in the city that never sleeps
Defiant: As the night darkens, the lights of the city skyline become ever brighter
Midnight sun: In Midtown Manhattan, the vibrant, neon stretches of Times Square light up the night
Light bulb built on light bulbs: The GE building's famous sign