Michelle Phan Launches Her Own Makeup Line

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With apologies to Marc Jacobs, this might just be the biggest beauty launch of the year. Today, YouTube makeup tutorial queen Michelle Phan is launching her own cosmetics line called “em.”
Phan is no stranger to very large numbers: She has 4,507,303 YouTube subscribers, 750 million video hits, 1,412,548 Facebook likes, 417,038 Twitter followers, and… you get the idea. So I guess it’s no surprise that “em” (a term of endearment in Vietnamese) is comprised of a whopping 250 products.

What sets Phan’s line apart is not the fact that it’s so comprehensive (okay, maybe that’s one reason) or the fact that it’s backed by L’Oréal – it’s that the same level of detail that goes into her makeup videos went into every product, including the packaging. The loose powder is sealed with a screen so it won’t spill. 

The cheek palette has both your blush and your bronzer. The eye shadow palettes come with a de-potting tool so you can add and remove shades as you please. And then there’s something called the Life Palette, a 36-shade refillable kit complete with 24 eye shadows, 4 blushes, and 8 lip colors that are available in six different collections (for day, for night, for party looks, for love, for work, for the beach, and for any other situation you could possibly find yourself in). 

It also comes with an empty travel palette so you don’t have to take the whole thing with you on vacation.

Phan’s multitude of followers helped inspired her when developing the line. They took to her Facebook page and YouTube channel to share the gripes they have with their makeup, and to request what colors they’d like to see in the palettes, as well as some of the shade names.
And it’s all available starting today (in addition to much, much a helluva lot more, like a dual-sided contouring stick and a foundation to look forward to in the next few months). Stay tuned.
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