Meet the Judges of Maltina Dance All.

The season 7 of the famous and family program tagged “Maltina Dance All” will kick start on 1st of September, 2013 on various TV stations.
This is one of the entertainment program that I have personally rated high because it is educative and promotes Africa. 
In another perspective, the judges have over the years proved to be professionals. Find after the cut the profiles of the judges and the video of the jingle for season 7.

Jeffrey PAGE:

Jeffrey Page is a Director, Producer, Actor, Dancer and Emmy-nominated choreographer. He has emerged as a creative force to be reckoned with in television, film, video, theatre and concert stage.

Jeffrey has trained and worked with some of the most influential people in the world of dance.

He has staged concerts and TV appearances for recording artists Beyonce (World Tour & TV), Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith (Opening for BET Awards), R.Kelly (Finale for billboard awards).


Jane Burgess is a dance trainer expert with specialization in Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, Tap Dance, Latin Style Partnering such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cumbia.
She has worked with various companies and participated in dance on national and international tours with The Fercos Brothers, Steve Reid’s Dreamscapes and Concert violinist Bijan Mortezavi.
Her television and film credits include Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels, The View and 2008 Olympics Basketball opening ceremony. As a show girl in Las Vegas, she shared her talents with the cast of Donn Arden’s Jubilee at Bally’s hotel and casino, a Peepshow starring Holly Madison where she danced the choreography of Tony Award winner with Jerry Mitchel.
Janell has attained some level of achievement and bagged several awards including  Tremaine Scholarship, Disneyland Creativity Award, Giordano Merit Schorlarship and American Legion award winner for her advocacy in teaching dance in public schools throughout Southern California.

Muyiwa’s dance career started early as a teenager and has spanned for over 25yrs. He established his first dance company in 1985, which he later disbanded to further his learning in 1989.

His professional career was enhanced with apprenticeship exploit at the Hubert Ogunde Production Company, The African Heritage, Agogo Performing Company.

The Performing Studio Workshop e.t.c.He never stops learning as he attended dance workshops all around Africa and Europe.

In 1992, he started Ebony Culture Club one of the best dance companies in Nigeria in that era –and in 1994 Opened The Black Marbles Dance Academy. His vision for Professional Dance Business in Nigeria prompted the creation of National Dance Union (NADUN) in 1995 now fully established as Guild of Nigerian Dancers (GOND).

Muyiwa is a member of the International Organization of Folkarts (I.OV), Council of International Organization for Folkarts and Folkfestival (CIOFF) both UNESCO Status Quo ‘B’, Former Director of Production and Screening (National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts), a member of the Advisory Council (GOND).

He has worked severally with, Chief Hubert Ogunde, Elder Steve Rhodes, Professor Ola Rotimi amongst others.

A recipient of many Awards home and abroad, he has taught dance as a subject and presented papers at different dance workshop and theatre seminars and has handled several Local, State and Federal Government of Nigeria’s project i.e. Festival, Events Opening and Closing Ceremonies. He also engaged in the development of many State Council for Arts and Culture Projects in Nigeria and Ghana.

He has Directed and Produced so many dance and Theatre Plays. And also written Plays like Dance of the Vulture, Mary Slessor, Nma Udoma, Ijapa, Eagle Eyes, Niger Area (the history of the Amalgamation of Nigeria).

Muyiwa is presently working on the NIGERIA DANCE ENCYCLOPEDIA a project he hopes to finish by 2015. He is married with children.