Making Time for God.

Welcome to the year 2018 once again. As you progress into this new year, we want you to examine this crucial topic that is essential to a great accomplishment.

The act of making time for God is a great decision that moves man far in life, purpose and destiny. There are key points about man, God and His purpose that you need to pay special attention.

  • God has always position man at the center of His plan and divine purpose
  • It is God’s utmost expectation and delight for man to take full responsibility and be positioned at the center of His will
  • Often times, men are not available or fail to occupy their place in God’s plan
  • God is delighted whenever He finds a man occupying his divine purpose and He is ready to go far with such a man
  • The path to fulfilling purpose for any man start with a robust relationship and true fellowship with the Omnipotent Father.
  • These fellowship and relationship are built on making time for God

We shall examine the following seven building blocks to making time for God in our coming series.

  1. Purity
  2. Ponder
  3. Prayer
  4. Praise
  5. Pay
  6. Participate
  7. Propagate

To be continued………