Living a Victorious Christian Life – Part 2

We are continuing on Part 2 of our series “Living a Victorious Christian Life”. Click here for Part 1. Today, we shall discuss on the actions necessary to lay hold as well as live a Victorious Christian Life.

How Do I Live a Victorious Christian Life?

1. Lifting up the banner of Christ: One of the various ways is cultivating an addicted habit of lifting up the banner of Christ. The bible is full of stories of valiant men and women who lifted up the God in their generations but we shall consider king Asa. 2 Chronicles 14:1-6.

What did king Asa do to lift up the banner of God? As soon as he was made a king, he destroy all the altars of strange gods in the land and commanded the people to seek the Lord. What do you exalt more than God in your life or how do we influence our circle of influence to worship the almighty and only living God? Put everything under the authority and supremacy of Christ. Do you realize that this singular act of king Asa brought peace, rest, security and prosperity upon his nation?

The banner we raise as leaders influences the destinies of people under our leadership. For 10 years, Judah experienced disrupted peace even when the enemy waged war afterwards, the Lord gave them victory over overwhelming and sophisticated army. I pray that as you lift the banner of Christ in your life, He shall give you victory over every overwhelming situation. Amen

2. Confront every giant and enemy of God: Every giant and enemy that arises against us is an enemy of God. We must not bow but confront them and never give up. In this confrontation lies our testimonies for a Victorious Christian Life.

The story of David and Goliath is an example of a victorious confrontation with the enemy of the people of God. 1 Samuel 17:1-50. What are those things challenging your faith as a Christian? Confront them without giving up even in the face of discouragement. Despite that fact that the abilities of David was queried, he was determined to kill the giant.

Special message to the youths:
* Never think that this subject is only for matured men and women. No! You must lay hold on the power for Victorious Christian Life now. David was a young man when he confronted Goliath.
* Never focus on your inadequacies or weakness. Believe in God and yourself even when people do not believe in you.
* Avoid the noises of discouraging friends and those that make negative confession – you cannot do it.   

3. Positive Confessions (Decrees & Declarations): A Victorious Christian Life is a life of decrees and declarations. We must engage the power of the spoken words to establish the will of God and to destroy the works of the enemy. Job 22:28, Proverbs 18:21.

Elijah engaged the power of the spoken words to make a declaration that caused rain to be locked up for a period of three and halve years. James 5:17. Joshua also declared that the sun should stand still to enable them defeat their enemies and it was so. Joshua 10:12-13.

There is so much power in your tongue when you have faith in your heart. What are you declaring? Watch your words and begin today to make positive and power declarations to relocate you and destiny to that place of Victorious Christian Life.

To be continued……..