Kenya’s Nancie Mwai makes ‘World’s Top Fashion Blogger’

Nancie Mwai.Photo: nairobiwire
One of Kenya’s best fashion bloggers, Nancie Mwai was recently listed by USA’s Lucky magazine as one of the world’s top 13 fashion bloggers.
When featured on MTV Style website, Nancie said that the only way she has managed a blog constantly is her passion for fashion. Her dream is to become an editor of a fashion magazine or own a fashion magazine in the near future.

Nancie’s blog, ‘Fashion Notebook’ was featured alongside blogs from China, Italy, Greece, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Phillipines, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands and Canada.

The blogs include:
The girl can shoot’, Australia
Universe and you’, Japan
Fashion Coolyure’, Brazil
‘Kastor and pollux’, Canada
‘The street muse’, Italy
Camille tries to blog’ The Phillipines
‘Lee Oliveira’ Italy
‘AfterDrk’, The Netherlands
Fashionomyous’, China
Style heroine’, Greece
The fashion through my eyes’, Spain
Wish Wish Wish’, United kingdom
According to Lucky Magazine, Nancie’s blog was picked because they just love Nancie’s style.
We love Nancie Mwai’s ‘the fashion notebook’ and pretty much want to wear everything she owns. We also love how she gives us a glimpse into a world that’s at LEAST a plane ride and a half away’