Kenny Ogungbe Gives Jaywon Serious Warning.

For some time now, it has been making the rounds underground that Filebe singer, Jaywon, is having issues with his record label, Kenny Ogungbe’s Kennis Music.
While some have alleged that Jaywon has called it quits with the label that made 2face into an international brand, others have said that he will call it quits.
All along, there has been nothing really concrete from both parties, but Kennis Music’s parent company, Kennis Communications, has come out to warn the musician over his contract situation, probably in a bid to forestall such problems it had with another of its artists, Maga Don Pay singer, Kelly Hansome.
In a statement lucidly titled ‘Jaywon signed for 3 full albums,’ Kennis Music reminded Jaywon that he signed a 3-album deal and only one, Meet Jaywon, has been released so far.
The statement also cemented the label’s position on the Jaywon issue by declaring that “discussion of Jaywon’s contract renewal is not on the front burner.” In recent times, artists having problems with their labels has been rife in the music industry.
Celebrated cases that readily come to mind are the ongoing BrymO, Chocolate City faceoff; May D, P-Square brouhaha and Eva, Trybe Records sudden split. A respected music egghead has however warned Jaywon to honour his contract with Kennis Music as Kelly Hansome who reneged on his is yet to get his career back on track since then.