Jumia advises on the Christmas Shopping List.


Ever wondered where to start your Christmas shopping from? The holiday season if not planned or budgeted for will lead to frivolous spending on items you might not even need or that can’t be used after the Christmas. 

We all know it is tradition to keep Christmas decors for the next year but what type of Christmas decorations do you buy that can be used over and over again? Entertainment during the holidays is very important as it is the season to be jolly with family members and friends. Coming together, you can take advantage of the crazy sale on entertainment kits.

For those of us still contemplating on our Christmas shopping list, here are some useful tips to come up with favourable and economical decisions.

1. Christmas decorations: Get something very simple and necessary. Do not try to buy everything in the store but rather go for Xmas lights and simple plastic Xmas tree that can be kept for future with some ornament for its decoration. Ornaments add the pop to the house during the festive season.

2. Food: With a lot of people coming together during the holidays and festive seasons, we cannot deny the fact that there must be adequate food and drinks. You must engage your discretion in accordance to the numbers of guest envisaged (expected and unexpected SMILE). Once there is food, there must be nice drinks suitable for this season such as non-alcoholic wines and beverages.

3. Entertainment: The festive season brings people together and no Christmas is complete without entertainment kits from Games Consoles to  Traditional Board games for Family time and also Dvds just in case DSTv channels gets boring. You can have a collection of DVDs to catch up on during the holidays including New Nollywood movies. Visit Jumia online stores for any of the entertainment. 

4. Clothing & Fashion: One of the very old trend is the purchase of new clothes during the Christmas seasons. The children look forward to it and from our own experiences as little children, we enjoyed same treatment. Having imbibed this culture, we should be moderate. Everyone should have a budget for cloth shopping because once the sales start, you will need new gaffs for all the Christmas parole.

5. Christmas Gifts: This is a season of show of affection through exchange of gifts. As we expect gifts from our friends and loved ones, we should keep a Christmas wish list for those that might request from us. Your budget must put this into consideration and you can go for variety of items ranging from hampers (for adults, colleagues), food (adults), toys (children), perfumes (loved ones/yourself) or fabric (for older aunties, uncles, grandparents). Remember, no matter how little, it is the season of giving and your gifts will put a smile on the face on someone.

Above, remember to celebrate with the less-privileged in orphanage & motherless homes, prisons and hospitals during this festive season.   

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  1. I jumped up for joy when I saw the promo Jumia is running for the Yuletide but I was totally disappointed when one of the items I bought from them did not work and i called them to change it. After a lot of calls to them they came to pick and for over four weeks now, they have not returned either the repaired one or a new one and neither have they refunded me. I have tried frantically to call but all to no avail. I sincerely hope this is not the beginning of Jumia into the blooming world of corruption? If you like yourself, please respond to me because you cant be too sure to what extent I can go on this matter!

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