Ija Visits His In-Laws – A Series of Book for Children Morals Teaching.

In times past, one of the most effective ways of impacting moral values unto the younger generations by our grand parents was through folktales and tales by moonlight. Different animal characters and incidences molded to stories were narrated to inculcated lasting and generational values such as integrity, diligence, trust, commitment, perseverance, dignity etc.

While technology and modern world might have overtaken the process of tales by moonlight, the lessons of the stories remain indelible and relevant from one generation to another.

Today, if we cannot arrange tales by moonlight for our children, we can engage them with the books with themes centered on such moral values. On this note, I introduce this new children book titled “Ija Visits His In-Laws”

The book is available on the major online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others. Grab a copy today for your children on amazon.comamazon.co.uk or barnesandnoble.com