Chinese father chained his blind, mentally ill son in a cave.

Visit: Cheng Yuanchao during one of his three daily visits to see Cheng Xiangtao, who is covered in dirt and dust
A father has told how he’s turned his handicapped son into a real life caveman – chaining him naked to a rock face in central China.

Astonishing pictures of tragic Cheng Xiangtao, 26 – born blind and mentally disabled – chained by his ankle to his cave in remote Chengling village, Henan province, have outraged the country.

Dad Cheng Yuanchao, 70, abandoned his son after losing his home and going to live with his daughters.

‘I have no home of my own now and nowhere to house my son. This is the best I can do. I visit him three times a day with food and water so he is never hungry of thirsty.

‘The chain is there only so he doesn’t run off and hurt himself,’ he claimed.

‘I’m not a wealthy man and we’ve never been able to afford doctors who might have been able to help him.

‘There just isn’t anywhere else for him to go. I don’t like to see him like this but I have no choice.

‘He won’t wear clothes and if I don’t put the chain on him, he runs around hurting himself,’ he added.

But the pictures have shocked Chinese commentators after they appeared on social media.

‘It is appalling. Is this the best his father and his village can do? He’d be better treated if he was a pig or a cow,’ said one.

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Cheng Xiangtao, 26, was born blind and mentally disabled - and must now live out his life in remote Chengling village

Under lock and key: Cheng Xiangtao's father insists that this is the best way to care for his son... while he has moved in with his daughters
The miserable existence of Cheng Xiangtao has been met with outrage throughout his native China