Birthday Wishes: [Special Wishes to My Mother]

Happy birthdays to our numerous and global readers born in the month of August.
These new seasons and phases of your various lives shall be more prosperous, fruitful and glorious than past years combined.
Special wishes to my mother after the cut.

To my sweet and great mother, I wish you in advance a great celebration in the US. We have been through hard times but in all, you have proven several times to be a true, reliable and dependable mother.
Better days are indeed ahead of you and you shall live to full old age to enjoy the fruits of your womb and all your labour of love. 
Happy birthday in advance and enjoy this old classic “Sweet Mother” by Prince Nico Mbarga & Racofill Jazz in appreciations of all your efforts over us even after the demise of our father 30 years ago. 
On behalf of my family and other siblings, I say we love you.